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Designed with the same exceptional technology used in our original Sonic Toothbrush, our Sonic Toothbrush for Children is shorter in height and has a textured grip on the back of the handle to help ensure ease of use for little ones.
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Created by Dentists

“As mothers and dentists, creating safe, effective oral care solutions for children is our priority, and looking after their oral health begins with a great cleaning routine. Brushing teeth and gums twice a day for 2 minutes each time is the first step toward establishing a positive, lifelong relationship with their oral health and their smile.”

Dr. Lisa & Dr. Vanessa Creaven

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Ultimate Kids Care BundleUltimate Kids Care Bundle
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Ultimate Kids Care Bundle

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Toothpaste for Children - StrawberryToothpaste for Children - Strawberry
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Toothpaste for Children - Strawberry

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