Bright Smile Bundle

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Our oral health staples to help maintain a bright and healthy smile

  • Sonic Toothbrush delivers deep-cleaning action in just 2 minutes 
  • Strips contain the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • 100% cruelty-free 
  • 100% recyclable toothpaste tube 
  • Vegan-friendly

    Bright Smile Bundle

    Dr. Lisa & Dr. Vanessa with the Spotlight Oral Care Advanced Daily Bundle

    Dr. Lisa's Bright Smile Tips

    1. Our 3-speed, deep cleaning electric toothbrush is an oral care staple. It will keep gums healthy, remove plaque and stains and stop tooth decay.
    2. Using active ingredients Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Fluoride to resolve staining and preventing dental decay, our Teeth Whitening Toothpaste gradually whitens teeth while keeping them healthy.
    3. Helping your teeth get back to their best, our Toothpaste for Total Care was developed to strengthen teeth with thinning enamel and teeth that chip easily.
    4. Top up teeth whitening on the go with our clinically proven whitening system. Including 14 sets of strips for a 2-week course, our Hydrogen Peroxide-infused formulation effectively whitens teeth, without sacrificing tooth health. 

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