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Article: Customer Appreciation Week Doesn’t Stop Here!

Customer Appreciation Week Doesn’t Stop Here!

Customer Appreciation Week Doesn’t Stop Here!

Our 7 Days of Smiles event is the gift that keeps on giving. From deals of the day, online events, discounts, surprises, and our Gold, Silver, and Bronze tickets, there is still so much up for grabs. We are loving making you, our incredible Spotlight Oral Care community, smile, and we're just getting started! 

Today, and for the rest of our Customer Appreciation Week, you can enjoy a very special 35% off sale on everything site-wide PLUS free shipping, so if you've been filling your basket with our oral care essentials over the last few days, now is the time to treat yourself. Wondering what we have in store for today's special prize? Here's a hint: You and a friend will be blooming if you manage to get your hands on it!

Day 5 - Saturday, June 26th

Happy Weekend, everyone! With so much more to come, keep an eye on your inbox to make sure you don't miss a thing! Saturday’s prizes include a special delivery surprise PLUS a pair of must-have earphone essentials... If you've been meaning to up your music and podcast game, this is the prize you'll want to get your hand (and ears) on! 

Day 6 - Sunday, June 27th

A day for relaxation and rest, we have just the thing to spark your self-care session this Sunday. We can't reveal too much yet, but our prize is a coveted hair essential that every beauty aficionado will want for keeps. All will be revealed on Sunday morning, so set your alarm and keep an eye on our social channels...

Day 7 - Monday, June 28th

Ready to shop for your very own prize? We’ve got you covered! This Monday we’ll be putting the buying power in your hands as we give away a very special gift card!

It's been an incredible week so far, and we can't thank you enough for being part of it.  Remember - you have until the end of Tuesday, June 29th to pick up your favourite products complete with our Customer Appreciation perks!