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Article: IWD 2021: About the Artist

IWD 2021: About the Artist

IWD 2021: About the Artist

Jonelle James, also known as Floreali Designs, is a digital artist originally from Toronto, Canada. Her inspiration comes from places she's travelled and social media to influence her creative process and artistic style. Specialising in digital floral designs, Jonelle has a strong focus on creating faceless figures surrounded with floral or foliage designs. Her passion for art and creativity stems from the joy of expressing herself in a way that is therapeutic and meditative. 


For our 2021 #ChooseToChallege International Women's Day Campaign, the team at Spotlight Oral Care partnered with Jonelle as our featured artists, being a rising star in the feminist digital creative scene. As a budding artist, Jonelle has been practicing her creative work officially for three years so far and is thriving. We love her gentle aesthetic to create powerful and iconic pieces with delicate lines following a limited palette and monochromatic colour. 

Jonelle created a gorgeous graphic for Spotlight Oral Care’s limited edition bundle and we later repurposed this design for t-shirts to celebrate International Women's Day. This piece is a bespoke design of a group of diverse women representing unity, positivity and empowerment in honour of femininity. Quoted below the art reads “Choose To Challenge with your most confident smile”. Each woman is presented with a cluster of flowers featuring a glowing smile on every character. We love the inclusive message the art radiates and Jonelle’s attention to detail of each individual in the frame. 

As a female owned business, Spotlight Oral Care will continue to amplify the work of our fellow inspiring women.