Thank you for purchasing our Professional LED Teeth Whitening System. We want to ensure that you know exactly how to use the device, answer any questions you may have and achieve the best whitening results at home

PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Strips

Apply PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Strips. Longer strip on top teeth, shorter strip on bottom teeth.

LED Teeth Whitening Device

Once the strips are on, place the LED Teeth Whitening Device in your mouth. Press once for 10 minutes of blue light to accelerate whitening. Then press twice for 5 minutes of red light to soothe and rejuvenate gums.

PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Strips

Leave on your PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Strips for a further 15 minutes.

PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Pen

After you remove the strips, apply the PAP Pro Whitening Pen gel to the teeth to whiten any hard to reach areas and to maintain whitening results between treatments.

How To Use

Product FAQ

They contain a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and PAP for enhanced whitening and Hydroxyapatite for remineralising your teeth. The strips are activated by the LED light.

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