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Article: Earth Day 2022; Invest in our Planet

Earth Day 2022; Invest in our Planet

Earth Day 2022; Invest in our Planet

At Spotlight Oral Care, we are passionate about remaining earth kind and sustainable. We believe that good oral care products and devices should never have a negative impact on the environment.

We are always trying to innovate new and innovative ways to remain sustainable from reducing packaging by 30% to ways to support local environmental organisations. We take pride in our brand and are always on the lookout to find ways in becoming more sustainable by listening to your feedback. 

This year's theme for Earth Day is ‘Invest in our Planet’ whether it's investing more into an electric car or making small everyday impactful changes like switching to more sustainable brands. We understand that sustainability often comes at a higher price but these changes will help improve the environment and reduce waste. It can be difficult and overwhelming when starting to reduce your impact, but smaller actions are achievable and will make a big impact in reducing your environmental footprint. We need to adapt our consumption habits to reuse, recycle and reduce waste to save our planet and protect our oceans.

A green future is a prosperous future and at Spotlight Oral Care we’ve always been green. Did you know that all plastic toothpaste tubes from other mainstream oral care brands are not recyclable and often end up as plastic waste?  This is often because they are made up of a combination of material which makes them non recyclable. 

That’s why we wanted to innovate change with our Toothpaste Tubes that are 100% recyclable and made from Sugarcane. Our Revolutionary green Polyethylene toothpaste tubes are created using sugarcane grown in Brazil using fair labour. Sugarcane is one of the greatest carbon sinks that exists metabolising CO2 as it grows, it regenerates itself from its own roots. 158,226 Toothpaste tubes were saved from going into landfill thanks to our revolutionary fully recyclable sugarcane tubes!

Our Dental Floss Our Dental Floss is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and can then again be recycled itself. For every roll of our Dental Floss used, you save an estimated 2 Plastic Bottles from polluting our precious oceans. 5,481 Plastic bottles were saved from becoming ocean plastic thanks to our 100% recycled plastic dental floss!

Our Bamboo Toothbrushes and interdental brushes are made from natural, sustainable bamboo. They are created to be naturally antibacterial, ocean safe and cruelty free. While most nylon used in toothbrushes is a pollutant, ours is recyclable and won’t harm your health, or the planet’s.

We’ve got sustainability delivered in the bag with our 100% recyclable non plastic mailing bags. This can be deposited directly into your recycling bin, so we can guarantee  it will never end up as ocean waste!