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Article: National Stress Month💆‍♀️

National Stress Month💆‍♀️

National Stress Month💆‍♀️

This April it’s National Stress Month - raising awareness of both the causes of stress and the releases in your daily lifestyle. We’ve just reached the one year mark since the Covid-19 pandemic which has been an incredibly difficult and challenging time for most. Everyone has different triggers when it comes to stress and identifying coping mechanisms so it’s important to acknowledge when you're feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. In a time of chaos, it’s essential to identify your challenges as well as strengths to maintain your positivity and emotional wellbeing. 

At Spotlight Oral Care, wellness is a big part of our brand essence along with physical oral hygiene. One common physical sign of stress is teeth grinding, medically known as ‘Bruxism’ when you experience grinding your teeth and jaw clenching in your sleep. This can cause teeth to wear down and tension in your jaw. If this sounds something you experience we recommend following some easy step by step jaw massages using a Gus Sha to relieve any tension. Additionally our Toothpaste for Rebuilding Teeth is clinically formulated to remineralise the teeth and reverse early signs of erosion and enamel loss. 

Like hair and makeup, treating yourself to an advanced oral hygiene routine will make you feel not only squeaky clean, but more confident and reassured in yourself. It’s been proven that spending more time pampering yourself triggers a series of mood boosting chemicals. Your brain will see self care as an ‘act of kindness’ and has a clever way of informing your mind that ‘you’re worth it’. Your bathroom routine is a great escape to have that ‘me’ time. 

In order to reduce your stress levels it’s important to rest and take time to connect and regain certainty and control. You can create an at home sensual experience to truly relax and find peace. Light a candle, have a bubble bath or use a diffuser with essential oils. You can apply our Strips for Whitening Teeth - think of it like a face mask specifically designed for your teeth whitening needs. Our products bridge the gap between wellness, healthy living and luxury. So not only will your teeth thank you, your mind will as well. Remember to discuss and share your stresses with family and friends to unload and unwind.