Teeth Whitening Bars

Everyone hates to play the waiting game when it comes to beauty. With beauty and aesthetics, instant results are a quick fix to feel more confident in ourselves. As much as we all love a glow up, not all quick fixes are safe and can leave you with ‘botched’ results. This also applies with your oral care. Your smile is a massive part of your character and what you portray to others. It’s what you see in the mirror everyday and helps to make a good first impression, so take care of yourself! 

What are Teeth Whitening Bars?

Teeth whitening bars are a new craze across the globe to achieve instant transformations in one fast tracked treatment. Some beauty salons have now added teeth whitening sessions as a cosmetic treatment. However, did you know that it’s actually illegal for anyone to clinically whiten your teeth who's not a registered dentist? Without a qualified dental professional, it’s not legal to provide teeth whitening services, especially to paying customers. Would you let a newbie extract a decaying tooth? Absolutely not! Don’t let a novice chemically whiten your teeth - there are legal guidelines on strength of solution which are often violated by beginners. 

The Risks of Teeth Whitening Bars

One of our colleagues at Spotlight Oral Care has experienced first hand a teeth whitening bar in London before she understood the risks. The beauty bar was disguised as a closed coffee shop that wasn't actually operating. Downstairs were beds you could lie on while having your teeth whitened for 20 minute sessions. There was no disclosure on what ingredients or strength of chemicals were being used. The pre-made chemicals were plunged into a mouthpiece and a blue LED light activated the gel. After 3 sets of 20 minutes (1 hour in total) her lips became extremely swollen which didn’t go down for a number of weeks. She also experienced the trauma of chemical abrasions on the inside of her cheeks and lips. Her teeth were incredibly sensitive and painful especially with colder drinks and hot foods. The colour was noticeably brightened however the enamel was extremely worn and it left sufficient damage that took months to recover from. 

Key Learnings: 

  • Homemade whitening solutions aren't lab tested and can be harmful to consume
  • It’s only legal for a registered dentist to perform teeth whitening
  • There are strict legal guidelines surrounding strength of Hydrogen Peroxide chemicals
  • You may experience serious allergic reactions 
  • You can cause serious damage to your tooth's surface and enamel 

At Home Teeth Whitening Kits

At Spotlight Oral Care, all our solutions are created and clinically tested by dentists that meet the guidelines for at home whitening kits. Dr. Lisa & Vanessa have formulated a solution that guarantees safe and effective teeth whitening results. We recommend our Teeth Whitening Strips for a 2 week course that creates a healthy bright white smile at just an hour a day. Our Teeth White Pen can be used to maintain at home results and is convenient to take on the go and use after meals. 

If you want to incorporate whitening into your everyday oral hygiene routine, our Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth is clinically proven to lift discolouration on teeth after each use. Our high-tech Sonics Toothbrush features a whitening mode to provide consistently whiter teeth everyday. Like a workout, the more you do it the better your results you will see! After brushing twice a day, we highly recommend our Dental Floss for Whitening Teeth and Mouthwash for Teeth Whitening to enhance your smile with flawless results. All of our products are vegan, sustainable and most importantly harm free for all your oral care needs.