Whiten Your Way - Our new Teeth Whitening Powder Diamond PAP+ is here!

It's here! We have just launched the latest member of our teeth whitening collection, our Teeth Whitening Powder Diamond PAP+ to help you whiten your way! It is designed to break down the stains that discolour the teeth everyday from eating and drinking such as coffee, wine or curries.

Using active ingredients PAP, Hydroxyapatite and also the patented ingredient Diamond Powder, this treatment whitens your overall smile and oxidises stains effectively.

Our teeth whitening powder is suitable for sensitive teeth and is quick and easy to use when brushing your teeth twice daily, brushing for 2 minutes to receive the best results.

It is a revolutionary product containing dual whitening ingredients that will transform any toothpaste into an advanced non-abrasive whitening treatment, giving instant results and a whiter smile.

It is available now for just €29.95, online here and in many of our retail partners across the country. Top tip: pair with our Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth to accelerate and elevate your everyday routine!

Our teeth whitening powder can be used in three easy steps:

  • Add any toothpaste to your toothbrush to tackle your oral care concern
  • Dip the paste into the powder
  • Brush as normal to reveal a whiter and brighter smile

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