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Article: A Breakthrough in Teeth Whitening!

A Breakthrough in Teeth Whitening!

A Breakthrough in Teeth Whitening!

Here at Spotlight Oral Care we are delighted to reveal our most recent product launch…our Professional LED Whitening System. This product has been over three years in the making and we are over the moon to finally get this powerful new Whitening Device to market. The response so far has been amazing!

This system was designed and developed in Ireland, with months spent researching the best possible method to mimic the results we achieve in the clinic. You can now achieve these results from the comfort of your own home in only 30 short minutes.

LED Whitening Device

Our Professional LED Teeth Whitening System contains: 

  • A patent pending dual action LED light: Using nanotechnology, our LED light emits dual action red and blue wavelengths to break down stains and lift the overall shade of the tooth, while soothing and rejuvenating gums
  • Dentist Developed Activated PAP Pro Whitening Strips (x 10): The strips contain a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and PAP for enhanced whitening and Hydroxyapatite for remineralising your teeth. The Teeth Whitening Strips work in conjunction with the LED light - the blue light will accelerate the active whitening ingredients in your strips and then the PAP pen is used for those hard to reach areas if needed. 
  • PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Pen (4ml): The PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Pen is designed to be used during the course of the treatment to maintain and enhance the results and can also be used as a touch up to minimise stains that appear during your daily routine.

It couldn't be easier to maximise your whitening routine from home with this breakthrough in teeth whitening! 

Professional LED Whitening System

How to Use: 

  • Apply strips - longer strip on top teeth, shorter strip on bottom teeth
  • Turn on the blue light and it will automatically switch off after 10 minutes and beep twice
  • When the blue light switches off, press the button twice to turn on the red light to activate the gum rejuvenation mode
  • After 5 minutes, this will beep and automatically switch off
  • Leave on your teeth whitening strips for a further 15 mins
  • Remove your teeth whitening strips and brush your teeth to remove any residue 
  • Apply the PAP pro pen gel to the teeth as an added whitening bonus to whiten any hard to reach areas 
Before and After - LED Whitening

The combination of our brand new Dentist Developed PAP Pro Whitening Strips with our innovative dual action LED light provides the most effective at home teeth whitening results. 

Did You Know? Our LED light is illuminated by 32 LEDs compared to just 5 LED's in traditional devices and also works in just 15 minutes for optimum results.

Katie - LED Whitening

These strips, pen and light are all enamel safe. They actually contain the ingredient Hydroxyapatite which is amazing for remineralizing enamel! 

Our new PAP whitening strips work in conjunction with the light - the light will accelerate the active whitening ingredients in your strips and then the PAP pen is used for those hard to reach areas. 

Top Tip: for best results would be using the pen right after you remove the strips for that extra boost in whitening and making sure your teeth are dry when applying the strips! 

Chloe - LED System

Be sure to send us your incredible before and after pictures and tag us on Instagram @SPOTLIGHT_ORAL_CARE, We can’t wait to see everyones #spotlightsmiles