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Article: National Dentist's Day 2022

National Dentist's Day 2022

National Dentist's Day 2022

As an oral care brand created specifically by Dentists, we’re celebrating National Dentist’s Day 2022 with honour. Dr. Lisa & Dr Vanessa Creaven have created over 50+ products in our range that are clinically proven and formulated by dentists to meet all your oral concern needs. 

Inspired by health sciences and medicine Dr. Lisa & Dr. Vanessa began their career as dentists and launched Spotlight Oral Care back in 2016. Our range of products were designed with the latest advances in oral care research with the highest quality ingredients while always keeping our patients, customers and the planet in mind.

Dr Lisa quoted her least favourite part of being a dentist was seeing how nervous people were when it came to dental visits and that is why we want to educate everyone as much as possible about oral health. We don’t want oral care to feel like a chore but more of a self care routine you take pride in. 

90% of oral care is done at home so the products you use are so important to ensure you are using all the necessary active ingredients to keep your smile happy and healthy. It all starts at home with brushing with a fluoride Toothpaste twice a day and Flossing daily.

When it comes to maintaining your smile health, diet is a huge factor when it comes to looking after your teeth. So we have answered a few commonly asked questions as dentists:

What should I avoid eating and drinking?

When it comes to tooth staining, too much of anything isn’t good for you. As dentists, we don’t advise that our patients avoid food and drinks groups completely, but we do suggest limiting certain foods and drinks to avoid or limit stains. Beverages like coffee and red wine don’t need to be eliminated to maintain a white smile, but we do suggest drinking water after consuming them to avoid stains lingering on the tooth surface. Additionally, we recommend using mouthwash in between meals to wash away any talons or staining substances. Try to group meals and drinks together so that you can manage potential staining and maintain the cleanliness of your teeth. Finally, we don’t recommend drinking red wine or coffee close to bedtime as stains can linger overnight. If you are drinking these liquids at nighttime, try to consume them a few hours before you brush and floss to ensure your mouth and teeth are thoroughly cleaned and protected. 

What is the best way to drink and each teeth staining foods?


You can enjoy any beverage that may stain your teeth by using a few simple maintenance hacks to keep your teeth stain-free. When possible, use a straw (ideally a paper, bamboo, or metal straw) when consuming drinks to avoid contact with the tooth's surface. This will reduce decay and sensitivity as the straw allows you to consume your beverage without covering your teeth in acidic fluids. Try to minimise sugary drinks, and always follow staining liquids with a glass of water to wash away talons or staining substances. To remove stains on teeth, try our Teeth Whitening Collection to naturally brighten and whiten your smile without causing any damage or sensitivity. 


How do I avoid damaging my enamel white brushing?

Don’t brush your teeth too hard and never scrub your teeth as this may damage the enamel and cause sensitivity. Use a light amount of pressure and brush in circular motions to ensure your enamel is not eroded. As dentists, we suggest you swap your manual toothbrush for a Sonic Toothbrush, as the head of the brush is gentle on teeth and you can choose your preferred setting for personalised, thorough, and deep-cleaning results.